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The goal of Therapeutic Oxygen Health Salon, LLC is to enhance the lives of clients through the therapeutic benefits of oxygen. Oxygen has many applications outside of the hyperbaric medical environment. Breathing higher pressures of oxygen with surface demand ventilators is an excellent way to enhance cellular activity and DNA response.

Why Therapeutic Oxygen?

The concept of isobaric oxygen for health is for improving cellular longevity. As we get older (approximately 40), we begin to outlive the design specifications of the cells, tissues, and organs of our immune system. This change could happen earlier or later in life, depending on the activity level of our lifestyle. Age itself becomes a significant risk factor in inhibiting the repair mechanism of DNA, cells, and tissues. When a decrease occurs in the rate of DNA replication, the cells and tissues experience being inhibited or compromised of their normal function of being active and dividing. Therapeutic oxygen will provide supplementary oxygen to the DNA to help restore invaluable resources to help prevent the aging of the cells and prolong cellular life longevity. Oxygen is a natural antibiotic and breathing surface oxygen can prevent certain medical problems and the development of harmful bacteria, diseases, infections, toxins, and microorganisms. Oxygen will also reduce the symptoms of allergies and arthritis as well as prevent the occurrence of other known or unknown medical conditions. In addition, oxygen does all of this safely as it will not interfere with the replication of DNA/cells like most prescription antibiotics.

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