Intermediate Hyperbaric Technologist

Intermediate Clinical Hyperbaric Medical Technologist

The use of high-pressure clinical oxygen called Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO), has come a long way since 1964 from Europe. The education of its use is rapidly growing in the U.S. for physicians and other medical and non-medical personnel working in hyperbaric facilities around the world. This program will fill the need for selection of patients and attendants working in multi or mono place chambers. It will also educate participants on the safety regulations for entry into the hyperbaric environment medically. All department personnel will know the oxygen safety requirements for patients and personnel. The FDA approved indications, and some of the non-approved indications will be covered.

HBO aspects will be taught to personnel working under physicians. They will understand that oxygen is a non-pharmaceutical agent that can be purchased anywhere in the world. People using it must be aware of the dosage, duration, and the benefits they hope to obtain with its use. Facility personnel will be made aware of the many side effects of oxygen, why oxygen can make drugs more toxic, how drugs make oxygen more toxic, as well as the interaction between antibiotics, DNA, fibroblasts, and stem cells. HBO personnel will be aware of physical events that can occur which will limit the ability to use oxygen. Personnel will be aware of and understand central nervous system O2 toxicity; pulmonary oxygen toxicity; and be aware of the interaction of oxygen and drugs such as opioids, benzodiazapines, and chemotherapy. Personnel will be aware of absolute counter indication patients not recommended for HBO treatments, and management of relative indications of ambulatory patients. Facility safety regulations, fire safety, oxygen safety, patient preparation for oxygen service, all other codes and regulations, and transcutaneous oximetry will also be covered in the Hyperbarics International program (up to 40 CME/CEU).

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