Intermediate Hyperbaric Technologist

Intermediate Clinical Hyperbaric Medical Technologist

This course has been reviewed and approved by the AMA, and is jointly sponsored by the UHMS. Dick Rutkowski has been the program director of the Hyperbarics International course for 33 years. He has also been the Co-Director of the NOAA UHMS course for 33 years. Dr. James Lowenherz, M.D. has been the medical director of Dick Rutkowski’s programs for 38 years: first for the NOAA diver medical treatment facility in Virginia Key (Miami), FL, and then with Hyperbarics International.

Multi and Mono-place chambers

The Intermediate Hyperbaric Medical Technologist (HMTI) program is designed for those seeking to become certified Hyperbaric Medical Technologists. This program will get attendees started with their hyperbaric career at a more basic level. This program is ideal for those who are working in hyperbaric facilities that need to gain more work and study time to meet the necessary requirements for taking the HMT or CHRN certification exam. These individuals will be working under the direction of a hyperbaric physician, hyperbaric registered nurse, or facility director. Participation in this program will show administrators that these individuals are serious about pursuing a career in hyperbaric medicine.

During the course, participants will be introduced to both mono-place and multi-place hyperbaric chambers; the physics and physiology involving treatment gasses, including side effects of oxygen, dosage, duration of use, and what is to be achieved by its use; hyperbaric facility safety; oxygen safety; patient preparedness for entering oxygen rich treatment environments; and chamber environments. Students will also meet and become familiar with hyperbaric personnel and their facilities. Texts and materials are included to help the student prepare for advancement in their hyperbaric career.

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