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Hyperbarics International Has Moved!

After over 30 years at the Ocean Divers complex on the Port Largo Canal in Key Largo, Florida we are now located at 98840 Overseas Highway in Key Largo, Florida.

New location

Hyperbarics International, owned by Dick Rutkowski, used the facility at Ocean Divers for teaching dive medicine and clinical hyperbaric medicine for over 30 years. After the Ocean Divers property was purchased by a corporation, Mr. Rutkowski and his facility were asked to vacate the premises. But that didn’t stop Dick Rutkowski!


For over 40 years Dick has been teaching various diving related programs all over the world. Dick has been teaching hyperbaric medicine for the American Medical Association the Undersea Medical Society for over 40 years, as the Director NOAA Diving Training/Treatment Facility. Dick also spent 33 years as the Co-Director of the NOAA/UHMS/URF, 3 week physician training course (now 2 weeks). Dick has also taught programs on undersea gases and life support systems. In 1985, while operating at the Ocean Divers facility, Dick introduced Nitrox and Tri-Mix enriched air diving to the recreational diving community.


Profile of Dick

Dick will continue his programs at the new facility, including diving medicine and the use of recompression chambers for many clinical medical indications. Hyperbarics International has been consulting and training for organizations such as NASA Johnson, NASA Kennedy the EPA, hospitals, and all military services not just in the United States, but through out the world. These programs are accepted and monitored by the AMA, UHMS, ABWH, ACHM, IBUM, and BUMED (Navy). The program is AMA approved for 40 CME’s for physicians, or 40 CEU’s for all other allied medical professionals. To date, over 10,000 medical and diving personnel have participated in the Hyperbarics International program!

Dick Teaching

You can find Dick at Skippers Dockside Tiki Bar (528 Caribbean Drive, Key Largo) Monday-Friday evenings from 4-6 pm.


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