Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Training Programs

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Training With Hyperbarics International:

Diving and Clinical certification programs for Physicians, Dive Medics, and Clinical HBO Technicians.

Hyperbarics International’s new facility is one of the most complete hyperbaric teaching facilities worldwide for diving and clinical hyperbaric medicine. Hyperbarics International’s training and certification programs are approved by the AMA, UHMS, and International Board of Undersea Medicine (IBUM) for 40 AMA Cat 1 CMEs/CEUs for physicians, DMTs, and CHTs. Other allied medical personnel and chamber operators can gain advanced information on the uses of HBO through Hyperbarics International’s training programs. Our programs are also strongly recommended for diving instructors and dive rescue personnel who would like to receive information and/or training in the uses of hyperbaric oxygen as it applies to diving to further their undersea careers.

To learn more about our programs, or to register, contact Dick Rutkowski:

Email: Dick@hyperbaricsinternational.com    Phone: 305-451-2551

Multi & mono place treatment chambers.

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View the Curriculum for Physicians, CHTs and CHTIs.

View the Physician, DMT and Basic DMT Curriculum.

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