Clinical Hyperbaric Medical Team Training Programs

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Basic HBO Clinical Personnel Team Training (Part 1)

Mono Place Chamber

This basic hyperbaric training program for physicians, clinicians, nurses, technicians, and HBO facility safety personnel will provide qualified participants with up to 40 AMEs/CEUs through UHMS. Participants enrolled in this program will learn the care and treatment of patients. This includes FDA approved non-approved indications. This basic HBO operations/clinical program is to ensure new HBO personnel and facilities are aware of the major problems associated with hyperbaric chambers before purchasing one. This training will educate participants on the types of patients to be treated – acute, chronic, and ambulatory – and the complementary types of chambers – multi-place, mono-place, and soft collapsible – to determine which is best suited for your facility.

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Advanced Dive Medical Program for DMOs, MDs, PAs, DMTs (Advanced & Basic), and All Other Allied Medical Personnel

Advanced undersea dive medical and operational gases and life support systems for:

  • Dive Operations and Clinical HBO Facilities
  • Dive Medical Officers (DMOs, Military) and Civilian Physicians (DMPs)
  • All Levels of Medical Personnel, Military or Civilian
  • All Senior Dive or HBO Facility Supervisors (Master Divers, DMOs, Medics, DMTs, NDs, Civilian Dive Site and Hyperbaric Facility Supervisors
  • Recommended for all Scuba and Technical Diving Instructors
  • Dive U.S. Navy MK5 (Optional)
  • Dive/Visit the La Chalupa Underwater Habitat (optional)

This program will teach participants about the treatment and field management of diving accidents; physical fitness for diving; the operational aspects of gases and life support systems of the sub-aquatic environment; open and closed circuit systems; on demand free flow systems; saturation diving systems; free flow; closed circuit with calculations; mixing and blending of diving and therapy gases; operational safety; and provide an introduction to clinical hyperbaric oxygen treatments and facility safety.

Advanced medical personnel: To obtain a DMT Specialist certification through Hyperbarics International and the International Board of Undersea Medicine the participant must have taken a 1 or 2 year medical training program as  a PA, Nurse, Paramedic, Military Medic, or other allied medical professional training; in addition to being an active scuba diver.  These medics should be qualified to work off shore on barges, ships, oil rigs, and on inland diving operations. They may also fill in for doctors and manage medical problems for all divers and other crew members, as well as be in contact with a physician on the beach. Since gases under pressure are a liquid, these medics should be able to maintain and supervise air/oxygen chamber operations in hospitals and maintain all facility operations working with the doctor.

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Phone: 305-451-2551.
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Hyperbarics International offers students the opportunity to enjoy some unique experiences in Key Largo.

Qualified students can experience diving in a complete 1943 U.S. Navy Desco MK5 system. This program is optional and available to all diving physicians and DMTs (military or civilian) when attending Hyperbarics International seminars. Others may also apply.

*This opportunity is only available to students who are specially qualified, and is not an official part of the program. Photo opportunities are also possible.

Qualified students also have the opportunity to dive at or visit the La Chalupa Underwater Habitat.

*This opportunity is only available to students who are specially qualified, and is not an official part of the program.

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