Diving/Hyperbaric Medical Training Programs

For Physicians, EMT-Ps, Medics, DMTs, and CHTs

Hyperbarics International, run by Dick Rutkowski, has been teaching diving and clinical hyperbaric medicine for over 45 years. Not only does Hyperbarics International run our own training program, we have also been┬áconsulting and training for organizations such as NASA Johnson, NASA Kennedy, the EPA, hospitals, and military services in the United States and throughout the world. These programs are accepted and monitored by the AMA, UHMS, ABWH, ACHM, IBUM, and BUMED (Navy). The program is accredited by the American Medical Association for 40 CME’s for physicians, or 40 CEU’s for all other allied medical professionals. To date, over 10,000 medical and diving personnel have participated in the Hyperbarics International program.

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Diving / Hyperbaric Medical Team Training Programs with Chamber Operations for:

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