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Diving and clinical hyperbaric training/certification program approved by the AMA, UHMS, and International Board of Undersea Medicine (IBUM) for physicians, allied medical personnel, DMO, DMT, CHT, and a must for all scuba diving instructors and dive rescue personnel! Diving/Hyperbaric Medical Team Training Programs with Chamber Operations for:

Hyperbarics International, staffed by Dick Rutkowski, has moved to a new location and set up a complete hyperbaric chamber educational facility. The new facility will teach advanced diving physics; physiology and pathophysiology; gases and life support systems for operational diving; first aid for diving accidents; medical evaluation of candidates for diving in the hyperbaric environment (air or water); treatment of diving casualties; and treatment of clinical medical problems in the hyperbaric environment.

Dick has been teaching this program for over 40 years. This course should be a must for all scuba diving instructors and dive rescue personnel (medical and non-medical). Divers with appropriate medical credentials can apply to be Diver Medical Technicians (DMTs) or Clinical Hyperbaric Technologists (CHTs). For physician, this program is a sub-specialty for DMO or DMP (Diving Medical Physician). All medical personnel are eligible for 40 hours of CMEs or CEUs.

This program also covers the everyday medical problems that can be treated in the hyperbaric environment, both approved and not approved. This includes the use of oxygen as a non-pharmaceutical agent- the dosage, duration, and what is expected to be achieved by using it. Our program is complete with hands on chamber operations training for both multi-place (air) and mono-place (oxygen) chambers.

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Email: Dick@hyperbaricsinternational.com    Phone: 305-451-2551

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