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Hyperbarics International (Dick Rutkowski) needs your help to continue treatments and research. For 45 years Hyperbarics International and Dick have been treating and teaching all levels of diving and clinical medical personnel, including CME’s and CEU’s. Dick has treated over 1200 patients including veterans and many who have no income or insurance and requiring multiple treatments. Being a free-standing clinic, Dick has noticed many patient improvements with HBO and Isobaric high-pressure surface oxygen for approved non-approved indications (no insurance).

In addition to treatments and teaching, Dick continues to study and conduct research in the following focus areas: physiology of existing HBO treatments and tables, Isobaric Surface Oxygen, TBI (traumatic brain injury), dysfunctional brains, leukemia, lymphoma and other forms of cancer. Research is also needed for misuse of medical antibiotics, treatment of other animal toxins, and medical health concerns of animals aboard aircraft and in restaurants, etc. Published papers are available for most of these subjects.

100% of donations made to this campaign will contribute directly to Dick and Hyperbarics International to provide hyperbaric sessions and education at no cost for those who are in need. This has been ongoing for 45 years, help is needed to continue.

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