Hyperbaric Technologist Training

Advanced Diving and Clinical Hyperbaric Medical Team Training Program with Chamber Operations

This team training program qualifies allied medical professionals to receive up to 40 CEUs through UHMS. This program is for all levels of medical personnel, military or civilian.

Participants will be instructed in the following:

  • The physics, physiology, and pathophysiology involved in hyperbaric treatment;
  • Medical evaluation required before accepting acute, chronic, or ambulatory treatment in the hyperbaric environment;
  • Approved & non-approved clinical indications for hyperbaric treatment;
  • All oxygen delivery systems;
  • Diver medical evaluations and treatment tables;
  • Hyperbaric facility supervising;
  • Dive/HBO facility safety;
  • Use of multi-, mono-, and soft chambers.
  • The benefits, side effects, indications, and contra-indications of using oxygen.

The use of high-pressure clinical oxygen called Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO), has come a long way since 1964 from Europe. The education of its use is rapidly growing in the U.S. for physicians and other medical and non-medical personnel working in hyperbaric facilities around the world. This program will fill the need for selection of physicians and all other HBO personnel working in multi or mono place chambers. It will also educate participants on the safety regulations for entry into the hyperbaric environment medically. All department personnel will know the oxygen safety requirements for patients and personnel. The FDA approved indications, and some of the non-approved indications will be covered.

This course has been reviewed and approved by:

  • The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS)
  • American College of Continuing Medical Education (AMA/ACCME)
  • American College of Hyperbaric Medicine (ACHM)
  • International Board of Undersea Medicine (IBUM)
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    Multi and mono-place chambers

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