Hyperbaric Technician Training

Hyperbaric Medical Team Training Programs with Chamber Operations

Hyperbaric Medical Technologist and Hyperbaric Medical Technologist – Intermediate Certification

Multi and Mono-place chambers

This course is to educate physicians, Hyperbaric Medical Technologists (HMTs and HMT-I), and HBO hospital facilities in the selection and treatment of patients (acute or chronic), as well as other medical complications, side effects of oxygen, drugs and medications. This program will provide the Physicians, Hyperbaric Medical Technologists, and Diver Medical Technicians the safety rules and regulations to act as facility Safety Directors.

This course is designed to train Physicians, Hyperbaric Medical Technicians, and Diver Medical Technicians to be able to work together both for the treating of diving cases and clinical hyperbaric cases at Diving/HBO facilities. Each will receive certification at the level they are qualified for. Physicians (sub-specialty) to receive 40 hours of AMA, Cat.1, CMEs. Hyperbaric Medical Technologists (HMTs) 40 CEUs. Diver Medical Technicians (DMTs), 40 CEUs. All other allied medical personnel qualify to receive 40 CEUs.

This course will qualify participants for certification as a Hyperbaric Medical Technologist (HMT), Facility Director, or Diver Medical Technician (DMT) once all other requisites and certification testing are completed; as well as providing 40 hours of CEUs.

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