Hyperbaric Chamber Operations

Hyperbaric Chamber Operator Training

Multi and mono-place hyperbaric chambers.The hyperbaric chamber operator does a lot more than just turn valves, they are an integral part of the hyperbaric facility team. The training required to become a hyperbaric chamber operator can be very complex, especially for anyone who does not have prior familiarity with scuba diving and/or medical terminology. Familiarity with the hyperbaric treatment environment is essential before taking on the role of chamber operator. One must be familiar with the chamber facility: multi-place or mono-place, in-hospital, free standing clinics or field chambers, or working with commercial dive teams. It is also strongly recommended that the chamber operator candidate have diving and/or medical knowledge and training.

The role of chamber operator is generally reserved for those who already have some experience working at a hyperbaric facility. Most people who are certified dive medical technicians (DMTs) or clinical hyperbaric technologists (CHTs) already have the general knowledge required to operate the chambers in their facilities. This is the perfect program for DMTs or CHTs who are looking to further their career in hyperbaric medicine. Due to the requirements for working as a chamber operator, the Hyperbarics International program will not certify chamber operators who are not already working at a hyperbaric facility under direction of the facility director. However, novice chamber operators without diving or medical knowledge are welcome to attend this program to determine if they are interested in pursuing this career, and if so, can attain further training to accomplish this.

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