Hyperbaric Medicine Courses – Diving

Advanced Dive Medical Program for DMOs, MDs, PAs, DMTs, and All Other Allied Medical Personnel

Jointly Sponsored Up To UHMS 40 CMEs/CEUs

Advanced undersea dive medical and operational gases and life support systems for:

  • Dive Operations and Clinical HBO Facilities
  • Dive Medical Officers (DMOs, Military) and Civilian Physicians (DMPs)
  • All Levels of Medical Personnel, Military or Civilian
  • All Senior Dive or HBO Facility Supervisors (Master Divers, DMOs, Medics, DMTs, NDs, Civilian Dive Site and Hyperbaric Facility Supervisors
  • Recommended for all Scuba and Technical Diving Instructors
  • Dive U.S. Navy MKV (Optional)

This program will teach participants about the treatment and field management of diving accidents; physical fitness for diving; the operational aspects of gases and life support systems of the sub-aquatic environment; open and closed circuit systems; on demand free flow systems; saturation diving systems; free flow; closed circuit with calculations; mixing and blending of diving and therapy gases; operational safety; and provide an introduction to clinical hyperbaric oxygen treatments and facility safety (up to 40 CME/CEU).

Other private programs can be organized and conducted for military or commercial groups of 3-4 attendees. For more information contact Dick Rutkowski.

Email: dick@hyperbaricsinternational.com

Phone: 305-451-2551.

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This course has been reviewed and jointly sponsored by:

  • The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS)
  • American College of Continuing Medical Education (AMA/ACCME)
  • International Board of Undersea Medicine (IBUM)

Multi and mono-place chambers

U.S. Navy MK5 Dive or Photo Opportunity are Optional. 

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