Dick Rutkowski Bio/Video

Who is Dick Rutkowski?

Dick Rutkowski is known for his knowledge of gases and life support systems of the undersea world, recompression chamber operations for the treatment of diving related injuries, and clinical hyperbaric treatment of chronic refractory problems.

In addition to working in the field of the operational use of chambers, Dick has also been teaching others. Over the last 45 years he has trained over 10,000 people in the use of multi & mono recompression chambers for operational purposes; and therapy gases such as Nitrox (oxygen enriched air), tri-mixtures, and heliox.  Dick owned hyperbaric facilities in Costa Rica and Turks and Caicos, and was the director of the NOAA Miami hyperbaric facility for over 10 years before retiring. He presently owns and operates Hyperbarics International in Key Largo, Florida where he teaches diving and clinical HBO courses. You can learn more about his many accomplishments in his CV/Bio.

In 2012, Dick was honored by DEMA by being the recipient of their prestigious Diving Hall of Fame Award. You can see the video highlighting some of his many contributions to the medical and diving communities below.

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