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Advanced Diving and Clinical Hyperbaric Medical Team Training Program with Chamber Operations

This team training program qualifies physicians for up to 40 AMA ACCME Category 1 Credits through UHMS. Allied medical professionals receive up to 40 CEUs through UHMS. This program is for physicians, all levels of medical personnel, military or civilian. Other non-medical professionals may apply.

All participants will be instructed in the following:

  • The physics, physiology, and pathophysiology involved in hyperbaric treatment;
  • Medical evaluation required before accepting acute, chronic, or ambulatory treatment in the hyperbaric environment;
  • Approved & non-approved clinical indications for hyperbaric treatment;
  • All oxygen delivery systems;
  • Diver medical evaluations and treatment tables;
  • Hyperbaric facility supervising;
  • Dive/HBO facility safety;
  • Use of multi-, mono-, and soft chambers.
  • The benefits, side effects, indications, and contra-indications of using oxygen.

Why does Hyperbarics International conduct group combination Dive/HBO training program for all levels of diving and medical personnel?

  • Gases under pressure are considered a liquid, and most of the gas laws for diving in water also apply to hyperbaric treatment in the clinical environment.
  • It enables Dive and HBO team members to work together as a team.

Diver/HBO facility treatment tables have not been changed since their inception in the early 1960s. This program will make participants aware of the changes that were made for mono-place, clinical, and multi-place chambers. Participants will learn the importance of oxygen and time vs. oxygen and pressure in hyperbaric treatment. Other topics covered include: isobaric counter diffusion; concentration of oxygen vs. percentage of oxygen provided by delivery systems; the use of diving and clinical treatment tables; the use of oxygen breathing systems for acute, chronic, and ambulatory patients; use of oxygen for isobaric counter diffusion vs. normoxic oxygen for central circulation; CNS and pulmonary oxygen toxcicity; various chamber types (multi-place, hard-shell mono-place, and soft-shell collapsible chambers); mechanical and open-circuit demand ventilators; oxygen generators; and high pressure surface oxygen.

For personnel attempting to get into hyperbarics, this certificate of training will help get you in the door. Additional programs for upper-level HBO such as facility management, facility safety director, oxygen safety, patient oxygen safety, facility fire safety, life support systems using oxygen with other gasses, open & closed circuit gases and life support systems for saturation diving, oxygen enriched air concept, tri-mixtures, advanced decompression, treatment tables, and gas mixing/blending (tri-mix, nitrox, etc.) are also available. Other private programs can be organized and conducted for military, commercial, or clinical groups of 3-4 attendees.

For more information about any of our courses contact us: Dick@HyperbaricsInternational.com or by phone at 305-451-2551.

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Multi and mono-place chambers

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