Hyperbaric Medicine Courses

Physicians’ Diving and Clinical HBO Training

The need for physicians to provide medical management of diving field operations or hospital based hyperbaric facilities is a very fast-growing field of medicine.  Hyperbaric physicians have a wide range of responsibilities, from determining the appropriate treatment method for the patient, to ensuring the adherence of the facility to government regulations.

In conjunction with a clinical hyperbaric medical technologist (CHT) or facility director, the physician must perform a pre-treatment evaluation and workup of clinical patients to determine their suitability for treatment in either a multi-place or mono-place chamber. The hyperbaric physician is responsible for ensuring that other department personnel are properly trained in all safety aspects of the facility, including: properly preparing patients for being in an oxygen rich environment (especially in the mono-place chamber and hood systems), chamber fire safety, chamber operational safety, facility safety, and ensuring that government regulations pertaining to hyperbaric departments are met or exceeded – especially National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 99 and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510 – to ensure patient safety.

This program is designed to educate physicians working for the military, commercial diving operations, or HBO hospital facilities as to the treatment of patients’ conditions as well as medical complications that may occur during the course of treatments, and how they can be prevented. Students will learn techniques for the medical evaluation of professional and recreational divers, field management, and treatment for diving applications. This includes information on diving and therapeutic gas mixtures; gases used for open circuit, free flow, on demand, chamber, and saturation systems; as well as other specialty therapeutic and diving gas breathing systems. As gases under pressure act as a liquid, the same physiology applies for diving medical officers working on a diving operation as for clinicians treating patients in a hospital or free-standing HBO facility. Whether diving in water or in an air chamber, physicians must be aware of how to manage the three main physiological and operational factors that apply to treating diving and/or clinical HBO patients with gases breathed under pressure.

All of these topics and more will be covered throughout the course, and will provide participating physicians with 40 hours of AMA Cat 1 CMEs. This program is an excellent review for practicing commercial and military DMOs, HBO physicians, facility directors, and commercial or military dive supervisors; it also provides complete sub-specialty training for physicians new to hyperbaric medicine.

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