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Hyperbarics International and Dick Rutkowski will be conducting a dinner seminar at the Elks Lodge in Tavernier, Florida on November 11, 2023, from 6-10 PM. This seminar is to express Dick’s appreciation for the mentors who have inspired him through his 93 years, including his 73-year career; as well as to honor the memory of Dr. Morgan Wells, PhD. Speakers will include Joseph Dituri, PhD, who will share his experience spending 101 days in the underwater habitat at Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida. Dick Rutkowski will also be speaking about his notable career in the field of hyperbarics. More information will follow.

Hyperbarics International and Dick Rutkowski have organized a GoFundMe campaign to continue the 50 years of work assisting Morgan Wells, PhD, NOAA noted marine biologist and physiologist. Dr. Wells was the director of the NOAA diving office, and noted for his knowledge of oxygen breathing systems for clinical and diving; development of decompression schedules for the military; and commercial, scientific, recreational, and educational programs such as the NOAA UHMS URF Diving/Clinical Physicians Course in 1975. Dick Rutkowski was the Co-Director of his program for 33 years.

Thanks to Dr. Wells and James Lowenherz, M.D., Hyperbarics International has conducted 603 40-hour CME/CEU programs, training over 10,000 active clinical personnel. These courses have educated participants on the types and purposes of various chamber systems. Hyperbarics International was also the first to introduce mixed gases – such as Nitrox, Tri-Mix, and other combinations – to the recreational diving community.

In memory of Dr. Morgan Wells, Hyperbarics International and Dick Rutkowski wish to continue Dr. Wells’s work in regards to theories and research in the use of chambers and gases for clinical and diving life support systems; open and closed circuit saturation systems; diving gases and systems for military, commercial, and scientific divers; modification, management, and training treatment schedules; education programs; and assisting veterans with receiving HBO treatments.

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